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BAAS Degree Planning

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)

Major: Applied Arts and Sciences

This major requires an individualized plan of study based on each student’s past learning experiences and future career goals.

You can have up to 66 credits from your community and/or junior colleges accepted into the BAAS degree.

BAAS students can reference common fields/subjects of interest to complete their bachelors degree.




Code Title Hours
General Education Core Curriculum 49

Including Foreign Language & University Seminar 

Occupational Emphasis Module 1  
Select 41 semester credit hours to satisfy this module from experiential learning (work/life experience, non-collegiate sponsored instruction, credit by examination), or transfer work from other accredited institutions of higher education. 47
OCED 3350 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree 3
OCED 4350 Adult Development and Career Planning 3
OCED 4111 Independent Study in Occupational Education (Optional-work/life credit--up to 24 credits accepted)  1
Professional Development Module 2  
This module of 24 advanced semester credit hours is individualized to students' career goals. Advanced Hours (3000/4000 level courses) are applied here 24
BAAS Capstone 3  
OCED 4360 Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Capstone Part 1 3
OCED 4361 Practicum in Cooperative Occupational Education 3
Total Hours 120



This module may be satisfied through a number of options including traditional course work from Texas State University and transfer credit from accredited institutions of higher education plus limited numbers of hours from non-traditional methods including correspondence, extension, and forms of testing including CLEP and DSST.


Students will choose courses from at least three different disciplines with the assistance of the academic advisor.  This module of 24 advanced semester credit hours constitutes the major for GPA calculation purposes.


This capstone experience is completed during the student's last semester. The capstone requires an application to the department during the semester prior to anticipated enrollment.  See the department website for the most recent application form and instructions. All other degree requirements must be completed prior to enrollment in the capstone courses.


  • These course sheets are references – students can build an individualized concentration/focus. Individual concentrations/focus areas should be designed in consultation with an OWLS academic advisor and/or the OWLS undergraduate coordinator.
  • Instead of majoring in that specific subject and being restricted to their degree plan, students are able to create their degree with courses they are interested in. 
  • Click each link for course options that relate to that focus area. 

Business/ Public Relations

Teaching (No Certification Option)

Athletics/ Coaching


Social Services/ Human Relations

Leadership & Development 

Certified Public Manager (CPM)

Criminal Justice

Law School Prep

Real Estate

Workplace Training 




Requirements for graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree include:

  • Minimum of 120 semester hours of undergraduate work for degree completion.
  • Minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed with Texas State.
  • 24 of the last 30 hours in their degree must also be completed with/at Texas State.
  • Minimum of 36 advanced hours must be completed.
  • A cumulative Texas State GPA of 2.00 required for graduation.
  • 66 semester hours can be transferred from community and/ or junior colleges.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.25 is required in the professional development module for graduation.
  • Maximum of six years is allowed to finish the degree.
  • Minimum of nine hours of writing intensive (WI) courses.
  • Minimum of 24 advanced (junior/senior hours) must be from Texas State.
  • The program is normally a minimum of three semesters.