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Degree Audit Update Request


This request form is reviewed by the OWLS staff and BAAS Coordinator to update your Degree Audit (DAR) for requested changes. 

Options for the request:


    • This form submission will notify the OWLS Department to review the course and apply it to the appropriate BAAS module on your DAR, which will then allow Financial Aid to pay for the course. 
    • Closed Class overrides are handled by the department and not faculty. 
    • The OWLS Department only handles overrides for CTE or OCED courses.
    • Overrides for Capstone (OCED 4360 & 4361) are handled by the Applied Arts Advising Center.
    • Graduate CTE/OCED courses
Purpose of request- *

Which module would you like this course to be applied to? *

Which campus/advisor applies to you? *