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Graduation/ Comp Exams

1. Compete Graduation Application

Submit the Graduate College's Graduation Application by the deadline. 


Spring - Friday, March 1st, 2024

Once completed, the OWLS Department will contact you regarding the remaining steps. 

2. Complete your Comprehensive Examination

Your comprehensive examination is made up of two portions: Written and Oral portions. Once you submit your graduation and comprehensive exam applications, you will be added to a site where you will find instructions on completing each portion of the comprehensive examination.

3. Complete the Student Profile

After completing your written submissions, submit your student profile that comprises of information needed for your student record and graduation background.


Spring- Friday, May 3rd

Graduation Deadlines

Requirement Fall 2023Spring 2024
Last Day to Apply for GraduationSeptember 29thMarch 1st
Comprehensive Exam Website OpensOctober 2ndMarch 4th
Comprehensive Exam- Written Portion DueNovember 12th April 7th
Faculty Review PeriodNovember 13th - 26thApril 8th-21st
Comprehensive Exam- Oral Portion DueNovember 28th - 30thApril 22- 24
Comprehensive Examination Paperwork* Due to The Graduate College by 5 p.m.December 1stMay 3rd