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Undergraduate Degree


The OWLS Department offers ONE undergraduate/bachelors degree. The degree title is Applied Arts & Sciences.


  • Steps on how to become a BAAS Student
  • BAAS Informational Video
  • Program Benefits 
  • Common new student FAQs


  • Contact information for BAAS Advisors
  • BAAS Advisors are located in the Applied Arts Advising Center
  • Common Focus Areas for BAAS Students 
  • Common Advising FAQs


  • 4 Modules of the BAAS Degree
  • Breakdown on how credit is applied within each module
  • Common Focus Areas that lists courses for that topic
  • Program Requirements for BAAS degree
  • Use this website to assist with degree planning and guidance.

Work/Life Credit: PLA - Prior Learning Assessment _OCED 4111

  • PLA course, OCED 4111, is how your work experience is evaluated for college credit
  • Information on how many credits you can earn -max 24 hours
  • PLA course insight
  • Applied in OE Module

Capstone- OCED 4360/ OCED 4361 

  • Last two courses to complete in the BAAS Degree
  • You need approval to register for these courses. 
  • To gain approval, complete form for DAR to be reviewed. 
  • Is not offered during summer semesters. 
  • Only allowed to take 6 additional hours with the capstone.

Degree Audit Update Request 

  • This request form is reviewed by the OWLS staff and BAAS Coordinator to update your Degree Audit (DAR) for requested changes. 

    Options for the request:


    • This form submission will notify the OWLS Department to review the course and apply it to the appropriate BAAS module on your DAR, which will then allow Financial Aid to pay for the course. 
    • Closed Class overrides are handled by the department and not faculty. 
    • The OWLS Department only handles overrides for CTE or OCED courses.
    • Overrides for Capstone (OCED 4360 & 4361) are handled by the Applied Arts Advising Center.
    • Graduate CTE/OCED courses


  • Each BAAS degree is individualized.
  • This page highlights common areas of interest that BAAS students want to take courses in. 
  • These pre-approved courses have been selected based on availability to students. 

  • You can receive an unlimited number of semester hours toward your Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree from CLEP or DSSTs.
  • OWLS Department only accepts CLEP exams listed on the Texas State- Testing Center webpage.
  • Exams that you can test out of subjects/ courses.


Earn College Credit for IT Boot Camps and graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences and a high-demand IT certificate. 

Sign up here:

Please contact Dr. Sherron, Credit for Prior Learning and Assessment Coordinator at for more information.


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