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Prospective/Future BAAS Students

Interested in the Bachelors of Applied Arts & Sciences degree?

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) is designed for mature adults who need individualized academic programs that award credit for nontraditional forms of learning. It is designed to give working adults an accelerated route to a bachelor’s degree by earning credit for work experience, non-collegiate instruction and test scores.


STEP 1: 


Watch the BAAS Informational Video below!
Read each FAQ!

OWLS Representative

If you have additional questions, please email
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The following informational video breaks down the steps on how to apply, the components of the degree, and program benefits.

Some great program benefits include:

  • Up to 66 credits from your community and/or junior colleges accepted

  • OWLS courses are typically 8 weeks vs traditional 16 weeks structure

  • Our degree and department offers mostly online or hybrid courses that take place in the evening. (subjects: CTE & OCED)

  • Depending on your remaining requirements, if you need to take courses from other departments on campus, it may be more of the traditional style but Texas State does offer courses online, hybrid, and evening options.

  • Each degree plan is individualized to each student. The most common subject interests and courses related to those subjects can be found here. You can focus your upper level courses to an area/field. 

  • OCED 4111, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), allows you to develop a competency portfolio that will act as a vehicle for transcribing your work life experience and/or non-collegiate training into college level credit. Students can receive a max 24 credit hours from their submissions. This is compared to 8 courses (3 credits each) completed in a 1 credit course. You save time and money! This course can only be taken in our major and applied to our undergraduate degree. 

For additional questions or assistance, please contact the OWLS Department!

EMAIL: | MAIN LINE: (512) 245-2115




  • Core Curriculum [42 credit hours] | Foreign Language [8 credit hours]

  • Occupational Emphasis (OE) Module [47-48 credit hours]

  • Professional Development (PD) Module [24 credit hours]

  • Capstone [6 credit hours]


  • Take them traditionally at Texas State

  • Take them at a Community College

  • Take them via Correspondence Studies

  • Apply Vocational and Military Credits

  • Taking a CLEP or DSST examination-for-credit, please refer to the Testing Center 

  • Take OCED 4111-PLA course to earn credit from your work/life experience 




    • It is individualized to your interests and college credit!
    • Online and Hybrid options!
    • 8 week courses! You are able to balance out your course load.
    • It is geared for the working adult! 
    • BAAS students are primarily non-traditional! 
    • You can receive up to 24 credit hours for your experience in the workforce or life. 
    • OWLS Faculty and Staff are committed to helping you graduate!
    • Flexibility on completing credit!
    1. Contact Admissions for requirements and apply!
    2. Set up an Appointment with a BAAS Academic Advisor
    3. Register for classes!
  • YES! Only Admissions can evaluated previous college credit and code it appropriately on how it will be applied to your degree plan. A BAAS Academic Advisor will then be able to review and provide feedback on potentially how many credits you have remaining to compete.

  • To set up an appointment, please call the Applied Arts Advising Center at 512-245-1490. You will meet with your BAAS advisor either through ZOOM or phone. You may choose your meeting option.

  • Every degree plan is individualized to the student. Each student have different previous college credit, work experiences, and future goals. Your academic advisor will work with you your interests. 

    Common topics that students focus in are: 

    • Business/ Public Relations
    • Leadership-related 
    • Social Services/ Human Relations
    • Healthcare
    • Training & Development
    • Criminal Justice
    • Real Estate
    • Law School Paralegal 
    • Teaching
    • Athletics/Coaching
    • Certified Public Manager 

    Click here to visit courses for each topic!

  • Courses offered by the OWLS Department (CTE & OCED) are offered online. If students need to complete CORE courses or take courses in other departments, delivery methods may vary. Your Academic Advisor will be able to find suitable meeting types for your preference. 

  • You will receive a Bachelors Degree!

    Your major would be Applied Arts & Sciences. 

    This degree is offered by the Department of Organization, Workforce, & Leadership Studies (OWLS). 

    The OWLS Department is within the College of Applied Arts. 

  • Depending on your past college credit, this degree can be completed in a minimum of 3 semesters. 

  • Please email us at We are able to answer any questions you may have or provide you a PDF version of the informational video. 

  • Please call or email us! The OWLS Department is able to provide you with answers or resources for any inquiries you may have!


    Main Line: 512-245-2115