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BAAS Advising

Current Advisors


Advisor: Alex Harlan

To set up an appointment, please call the Applied Arts Advising Center at 512-245-1490.


BAAS Degree Planning

Visit the BAAS Degree Outline page for resources on the degree structure, course options, and requirements.

Meeting with an BAAS Advisor

To meet with an academic advisor, please review the following:

  • Visit the BAAS Degree Outline for information & resources.
  • You are encouraged to reach out to an academic advisor at any stage in your application process to Texas State; however, please be aware that before you send your official transcripts to the University, the advisors are unable to provide exact information regarding how your credits transfer to a BAAS degree. Once your transfer credits are assessed by Admissions and deemed appropriate to use at Texas State, the advisors can give you more solid information on which courses may or may not be able to be used.
  • Advisors are unable to assist with the Capstone. Please refer to the Capstone page.
  • The Advising Centers do NOT accept walk-in appointments
  • Understand that appointments with advisors book up fast! Usually one-two week waiting periods.
  • If you attend courses at the Round Rock Campus, your advisor will be through the Applied Arts Advising Center.
  • Portia Gottschall, BAAS Coordinator, is NOT an academic advisor
  • Refer to the Registration Requests before meeting with an advisor



  • These course sheets are references – students can build an individualized concentration/focus. Individual concentrations/focus areas should be designed in consultation with an OWLS academic advisor and/or the OWLS undergraduate coordinator.
  • Instead of majoring in that specific subject and being restricted to their degree plan, students are able to create their degree with courses they are interested in. 
  • Click each link for course options that relate to that focus area. 

Business/ Public Relations

Teaching (No Certification Option)

Athletics/ Coaching


Social Services/ Human Relations

Leadership & Development 

Certified Public Manager (CPM)

Criminal Justice

Law School Prep

Real Estate

Workplace Training 



Common FAQs regarding advising & registration

  • A degree audit lists all of the requirements for your degree, including (but not limited to):

    • Minimum number of hours required
    • Advanced hours required
    • Writing intensive hours required
    • Residency hours (taken at Texas State) required
    • Core requirements
    • Major requirements
    • Minor requirements

    The degree audit will note if a requirement has or has not been fulfilled, or if it is in progress. This is a useful tool to track progress toward degree completion. An "official DAR" has been reviewed by an academic advisor and has been approved by the college dean or a dean’s representative.


    To review your degree audit:

    1. Go to your Catsweb Student Services page
    2. Navigate to Registration and Schedule Changes
    3. Log in to Self-Service Banner with your Texas State ID number (Axxxxxxxx)
    4. Click on the "Student" tab
    5. Select "Degree Audit"

    When the page loads, it will display your required coursework and how your completed courses and currently enrolled courses fit into the requirements.

    Watch/listen to this how-do video.

  • Refer to the sample topic course sheets.

    Submit the Registration Inquiry Request.

           (You will need to include the courses you are interested in.)

  • To set up an appointment with an academic advisor, see the following instructions: 

    • San Marcos campus- Round Rock students can also call and make an appointment via Zoom or Phone Call. 
      • Contact the Applied Arts Advising Center at 512.245.1490