Graduate Program

The Department of Organization, Workforce, & Leadership Studies (OWLS) offers three graduate degree options. The benefit of our graduate degrees are the following:

  • You can earn your master's degree completely online!
  • Individualized programs with flexible delivery and scheduling for working professionals.
  • The program faculty include individuals with a variety of backgrounds, specializing in teaching adult students who are working professionals.
  • Offers a unique opportunity to gain skills highly valued in organizations and workplaces.
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Master of Science or Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies,

The interdisciplinary studies program offers a unique opportunity to gain skills highly valued in organizations and workplaces, such as analysis, planning and training, and development. Additionally, students work closely with their advisor to select courses outside the program to align with their career objectives and area of specialization

Management of Technical Education,

The master of education (M.Ed.) in management of technical education program prepares graduates to manage instructional personnel in an educational or training environment. Graduates learn skills needed to supervise educators or trainers in junior colleges, businesses, the military, civil service or other education and training sites.

Grad Bulletin

  • The Graduate College's primary form of communication, a weekly newsletter referred to as GradBulletin, is sent to all enrolled graduate students every Friday.
  • GradBulletin features important information related to their graduate degrees including funding opportunities, deadline reminders, workshop topics, and other events in the Texas State graduate community.  

Comprehensive Exams- MSIS/MAIS/MEd

  • In your last semester of your grad program, you must complete your Comprehensive Exam. This exam is made up of two parts- written and oral. 
  • The exam entails providing research from your studies.

Graduation Resources 

  • Apply online for the Graduate College
  • Submit the comp exam application to the OWLS Department
  • Follow dates and deadlines
  • Complete your Comprehensive Exam 
  • Both Written & Oral Portions 

OWLS Dual Program-Review 

  • Students who are dual programs. Finalizing their undergraduate degree and starting their graduate program. 
  • For example, enrolled in the Capstone courses and Intro graduate course. 
  • This form will be reviewed by both the BAAS Coordinator/ OWLS Graduate Faculty Advisor and may be reviewed by the Applied Arts Advising Center. 
  • This requires special approval to be enrolled in both your undergraduate and graduate courses. 
  • This form may take 6-7 business days for review and approval by the appropriate personnel.

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  • Instead of separate tracks for the research and practicum track, it will now consist of three part exit sequence. 

  • First Part- OCED 5300 (this will replace former OCED 5300 & CTE 5330)

  • Second Part- OCED 5301 (this will replace former OCED 5301 & OCED 5303)

  • Third Part- OCED 5302 (this will replace former OCED 5302 & OCED 5304)

  • The exit courses will NOT be offered in the summer semesters-only long semesters. 


Incoming Graduate Students/Graduating Undergraduates:

  • Students who are in their last semester of their undergraduate studies and have been accepted to an OWLS graduate program may submit the following form to enroll in a graduate course: 

Request for Information

Prospective and Current

Assistance with General Information, Admission Inquiries, Advising, Other.