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Department Forms Overview



BAAS Info Video 

  • For more information about the BAAS degree, please visit our Informational Webpage

Program Requirements

  • Requirements for graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree

BAAS Program Sheet

  • Feel free to look over this sheet for your reference before and after your advising appointment.

Transfer Evaluation Request

  • If you have taken courses at an out-of-state or private institution that you believe are applicable to Core Curriculum requirements

Sample Course Sheets

  • Please review catalog course descriptions, delivery systems, class schedules, and prerequisites (if required) before making the selection. These modules do not appear as a major on the degree audit and are simply areas of concentration
  • During OCED 3350 students will identify the classes to be used for the professional development and may choose one of the following modules OR customize their own with the assistance of an OWLS academic advisor.
  • In general, BAAS students will need SEVEN (7) professional development courses. Courses must be selected from THREE (3) academic departments or areas (ex: CTE, PSY, SOCI, etc.).

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

  • PLA is a term used to describe assessment of learning gained outside a traditional academic environment.
  • Put another way, it’s learning and knowledge that students acquire while living their lives: working, participating in employer training programs, serving in the military, studying independently, volunteering or doing community service, and/or studying open source courseware.

Capstone Information:

  • Check out the Capstone Website for more information.

College Credit for Heroes (CCH)

  • Are you currently in the progress of finishing your Undergraduate Degree?

  • Are you a veteran, service member, and/or working adult? Do you have military, workforce training certifications, and/or work experience? Do you have some college but need and/or want to finish your undergraduate degree?

  • The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) recently announced an award of $386,680 to support prior learning assessment (PLA) through its College Credit for Heroes (CCH) program, a statewide effort designed to maximize the award of college credit to veterans and service members for their military experience. 

Undergraduate Scholarship: Osher Reentry Scholarship

  • In January 2011, The Bernard Osher Foundation provided grant funds to assist non-traditional, reentry student(s) with tuition expenses.  This scholarship should benefit undergraduate students who have considerable years of employability ahead of them and enrolled at Texas State University.

Graduation Application

  • Be aware of Graduation Deadlines